What’s your idea of college? If you think college means studying the courses you’re excited about, learning one-on-one with your professors, relaxing with friends your age on a community campus, bonding through intramurals, and getting a jump start on your dream career, all of that and more can be found at your nearby community college.

Several in-demand, well-paying jobs are available today. And many of them only require short-term training or an Associate degree. Starting salaries for graduates with an Associate degree average 15 percent higher than people with a four-year college degree.

The news is full of stories about the skyrocketing costs of colleges. But an Associate degree costs significantly less. You also have the freedom to stay at home while you attend a community college. That allows you to save even more money.

So if you’re not ready to make that leap to a four-year university, you have another choice. One that’s inexpensive and close to home – your community college. Increase your chances of graduating, reduce your student loan debt, earn a higher starting salary, and get on with your life. Your dream job is out there. And we’re here to help you get it.